Fanvil Authorized Online Reseller Program Overview

Program Effective Date:
January 1, 2019 – until discontinued or suspended

Fanvil believes that continued success depends on a strong authorized reseller network and programs that allow for mutual growth. Having a selective authorized reseller network is important for this success and growth. Fanvil recognized the importance of Online sales. An Authorized Online Reseller is one that purchases Fanvil products directly from an Fanvil Authorized Distributor and sells via a website or webstore managed directly by the reseller.

To receive the best customer experience and after-sales service, we strongly recommend you to purchase Fanvil products via our authorized distributor/reseller and online reseller. For the products sold by unauthorized online resellers, Fanvil will not recognize or offer any after-sales supports.

Why Customer Should Buy from Authorized Online Resellers
· Professional Sales Experience and Aftersales/technical Support
Authorized Online Resellers have access to Fanvil latest promotion offer and new products. Authorized Online Resellers have attended Fanvil training and has the right to get official supports from Fanvil technical support team. You can be confident knowing your product is legally sourced and backed by a qualified sales and support team.

· Ensure New Products and Warranty Support
Used goods are often found on online store platform like eBay/Amazon/Alibaba. Maybe the price is very low, but hard to get an effective warranty supports.

If you are interested in being listed as a Fanvil Authorized Online Reseller, please review the requirements below prior to completing the Application Form. Incomplete applications or applications missing requested documentation will not be reviewed.

Fanvil Authorized Online Reseller Requirements
To qualify and remain an Fanvil Authorized Online Reseller, your business must adhere to this Fanvil Authorized Online Reseller Policy at all times.

1.Maintain accurate and up-to-date company information
Maintain accurate and up-to-date company information and disclose all retail locations that carry Fanvil throughout the term of your reseller relationship with Fanvil.

2.Only Sell Fanvil Products in Original Packaging. 

The Authorized Online Reseller should only sell Fanvil products in original Fanvil packaging. Removing Fanvil products from packaging and reselling in a different packaging or under a different name is strictly prohibited.

3.Fanvil’s Intellectual Property Rights. 
The Authorized Online Reseller must comply with Fanvil’s Intellectual Property Rights and represent yourself as a Fanvil Authorized Reseller in all online advertising & sales collateral. Setting up businesses, registering domain names, or social media usernames that contain any of Fanvil’s trademarks is strictly prohibited. To ensure compliance with Fanvil’s Authorized Online Reseller Policy, you must only use approved marketing materials for all Fanvil products.

4.Customer Confusion
The Authorized Online Reseller will not advertise, market, display, or demonstrate non-Fanvil products together with Fanvil products in a manner that would create the impression that the non-Fanvil products are made by, endorsed by, or associated with Fanvil.

5.Sell on Approved Retail Website(s) Only
The Authorized Online Reseller must only take orders via publicly accessible, e-commerce enabled web pages hosted on approved websites owned and operated by your company.
Selling on third-party sites (eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.), drop-ship accounts (,,, etc.), classified sites (, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) or through direct messages on forums is strictly prohibited unless approved by Fanvil.

Failure to comply with all of the terms in Fanvil Authorized Online Reseller Policy will result in suspension or termination of your account. If you meet the above pre-requisites, fill out and submit the Application Form below. Fanvil Sales Manager will contact you with your inquiry status within 2 weeks.