Ip Camera Support List

ONVIF:Phone might discover camera automatically via onvif protocol

RTSP:Phone might get and display IP camera’s rtsp video stream

SIP Video Call:Phone and camera might be established video call directly

IP Camera Model ONVIF  RTSP SIP video call Remarks
DAHUA DH-IPC-HFW2235M-I1-V2 × The camera has some problem which will not allow our phones to get SIP video calls,for it is does not support baseline profile,but main profile that our phones do not support

Fanvil Compatible Bluetooth Headsets List

Bluetooth headset might be used on Fanvil IP phones to make wireless communication.
X5S, X6 need via Fanvil Bluetooth USB dongle BT20.
X7, X7C and X210 is the Built-in Bluetooth :

 BT Headset Manufactures BT Headset Model Supported Phone Model
Plantronics Voyager 5200 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Discovery 975 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Jabra Boost X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Evolve 65 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Evolve 75 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Evolve 75e X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Stealth X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Motion X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Speak 710 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Sennheiser presence X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
MB Pro1 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
MB Pro2 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Vbet VT9600BT X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
JOWAY H-02 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
QCY J02S X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
xiaomi youth X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600
Masentek M26 X5S/X6/X7/X7C/X210/C400/C600

Power Adapter List for Fanvil IP Phones

Power Adapter DC Type Applicable Models of Fanvil IP Phones
5V/2A X210/X210i/X7/X7C
12V/1A X5S/X6/C400/C600
12V/0.5A G100S/G200S/H2S
5V/0.6A X1/X1P/X2C/X2P/X2CP/X3S/X3SP/X4
5V/1A X3G/X4G/H3/H5

Fanvil Compatible EHS Headsets List

EHS headset might be used on Fanvil IP phones to make wireless communication. But different EHS headset manufactures have different realization for EHS realization. Now we have some of them compatible with Fanvi phones:

 EHS Headset Manufactures EHS Cable Type EHS Headset Model Supported Phone Model
Plantronics APD-80 EHS Cable Savi 700 series/CS500 series/Voyager Legend CS X3S/X4/X5S/X6
Jabra Fanvil EHS20 abra Pro 920/925 series X3S/X4/X5S/X6
Vbet Fanvil EHS20 VT9000 DECT series X3S/X4/X5S/X6

How to upgrade devices’ firmware?

To provide products with higher quality and better user experience, Fanvil keeps firmware updated to add/improve features, and fix bugs. Customers might download the latest firmware files from official website:


Operation steps:

  1. Based on your devices model name, access to the directory and download firmware file. Note that xxx.z file is not zipped file, no needed to be unzip it;
  2. Press phone soft key-menu-status(or press down key), to get phone IP adress;
  3. Login to device’s web-system-upgrade;
  4. Click select button and then choose the firmware file saved in your PC;
  5. Press upgrade button to wait system uploading file and upgrade. After done, system would reboot automatically;

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How to customize phones’ wall paper?

Fanvil IP phones might allow customers to customize phones background in desktop. Customers should follow the instruction to create some image file, and then upload the file into their phones to replace default wall paper.

To know image file format and how to upload and configure, please refer to:

How to customize Fanvil Hotel phone’s UI.pdf

How to import background image for Fanvil X series phones.pdf

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How to capture devices’ network data?

Network data of phones might help Fanvil technical engineers to analyze some complicated issues or problems. We provide web tool to help customers to get them from devices directly.

Operation steps:

  1. Login to device’s web-system-tools-network package capture;
  2. Press start button. Web page would ask you to save some file into your PC. and then try to repeat the issue;
  3. After issue finished, press stop button, and then you would get some time.pcap(i.e. 1970.1.1_8-6-8.pcap) file included network data of the device.
  4. Please also describe in detail for the network data, to let us know what happens with the network data, IP addresses for the devices or servers;

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How to reset device to default settings?

Sometimes, customers might forget administrator’s password, or changed by some others. Without correct admin’s password, they could not have access to web UI to manage devices.

Operation steps:

  1. Let devices enter POST MODE and then reset system. It would be worked for X2/X3S/X4/X5S/X6 and other previous phone products which have lcd screen.

– Make device power on;

– Press and hold # key, until lcd screen shows “post mode” (for X2/X3S/X4); when power led is blink, press # key to wait lcd screen showing “post mode”(for X5S/X6);

– Input *#168 via keypad (for X3S/X4/X5S/X6);

– After lcd screen shows “conf reset”, reboot it manually (for X3S/X4). X5S/X6 would reboot automatically after reset done;

– After reboot, customers might use admin/admin to access to web UI of the device;

You might also try to press and hold OK key about 10 seconds after phones run. If the phone system version supports it, lcd screen would shows “Factory reset”, press yes/ok key to continue. Then devices would reset and reboot automatically.

  1. To door phones/intercoms, they might be reset by keypad after devices run.

– Make device power on and run normally;

– Input #****#* via device’s keypad;

– After input, wait for seconds and then reboot the device;

– After reboot, customers might use admin/admin to login to web UI;

  1. To some devices which have no LCD screen, the method might be: reset via POST mode cli menu.

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